Sep. 10, 2014

Yelp Help: 4 Ways to Fight Bad Reviews

by Food Fanatics Team

If your restaurant has a love-hate relationship with Yelp, a recent federal court ruling might have you shouting $%!@#. Yelp’s longstanding practice of hiding negative reviews in exchange for advertising dollars is indeed legal. But don’t fly into a rage. Consider these ways to protect your business.

Look and Listen

Are some of the haters on Yelp full of it? Sure. But don’t assume a bad review is something to blow off. Think about the customer’s feedback and ways to up the game. Is your service slipping? Are orders not being processed properly? Is it worth reevaluating your menu? Think about it as free consulting.

Don’t Underestimate Your Diner

The truth is, people consider the reviews before making their dining decisions. That said, many diners can read through the lines and can tell the difference between a gripe and a legit complaint. Even if the ratings are skewed, your fans will likely show up to cheer you on.

Reward Your Regulars

The end goal is to keep folks coming back for more—just like short-term dining deals. Want to make an impression? Sending out a complimentary amuse or throwing in a free dessert is an easy way to show your regulars some love. And you can trust that they’ll tell their friends.

Work Your Marketing Magic

The internet can help you as much as it can hurt you, so work your marketing magic to build cred. Word of mouth recs will likely result in a direct hit to your website. Make sure it has all the necessary info so potential customers won’t need to stray to other review sites that might work against you. Keep up-to-date with Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected to your customers.

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