May 10, 2018

Welcome to the Food Fanatics Summer 2018 Issue

by Food Fanatics Team
This is my first intro letter for the magazine, and I think it comes at a really interesting time in the life of US Foods® and the restaurant industry in general.

I joined US Foods as Chief Merchandising Officer more than a year ago, and from the start it was clear that the company stands behind its promise of helping its customers Make It. Not only do we adapt our product offerings and business solutions to meet the changing needs of restaurant owners and foodservice operators – we keep a watchful eye on what’s coming next to keep them in the know.

This magazine is one example of how we do just that.

Take our cover story on takeout, for example. There is a stat in the article that reads: 70% of all meals will be takeout by 2020. 70%! On-demand expectations from diners aren’t going away and we are here to help you meet them. We’ve evolved our strategy to help restaurant operators take on takeout with products and partnerships that make it easy.

What diners want to eat is also changing – healthy, sustainable and in a just-right portion size. And it’s not just diners that are looking for healthier options; chefs and restaurant employees want this too. Once again, we’ve got you covered with our Serve Good® products and time-saving, on-trend Scoop™ lineup.

Among these stories, you will find more on managing all aspects of your business and hopefully some inspiration you can try, as the season of sunshine begins.

Thanks for reading!

Andrew Iacobucci
Chief Merchandising Officer
US Foods

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