Mar. 20, 2018

Welcome to the Food Fanatics Spring 2018 Issue

by Food Fanatics Team

Today’s diners are looking for more than just a great meal. They’re looking for local and sustainable dishes they can feel good about eating. In this issue of Food Fanatics®, we explore how the farm-to-table movement has transformed our industry, and how chefs and operators can deliver on customers’ expectations for a fresh, local approach.

Our cover story delves into the evolution of farm-to-table, and how chefs throughout the country are capturing the essence of “California-style” cuisine – epitomized by fresh, local, sustainable ingredients – and incorporating their own styles.

Vegetable-centric dishes are also edging their way to the center of the plate, and many chefs have found surprising, inventive ways to put the spotlight on beets, carrots and other vegetables instead of animal proteins. With plant-forward cuisine continuing to rise in popularity, now is the time to embrace this trend.

Sometimes taking a fresh approach simply means updating a cherished classic. The Caesar salad is ubiquitous – but very versatile. You can easily set yourself apart from the crowd by upgrading this ever-popular menu item. Take inspiration from the chefs featured in this issue; they’ve found ways to renew a classic while also driving the bottom line.

Spring is an ideal time to test new ideas on your menu and in your business, as well as take advantage of fresh, seasonal ingredients. I hope this issue inspires you to do just that.

Peter Satriano
President and Chief Executive Officer
US Foods®

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