Aug. 28, 2017

Introducing the Food Fanatics Fall 2017 Issue

by Food Fanatics Team

No matter how many years pass, fall resurrects that back to school feeling, that re-energized spirit of starting new and getting better. If you want to jump on it, the latest issue of Food Fanatics is here to help.

Take biscuits. There’s no shortage of opinions on which methods yield the best result so the fall issue chimes in. We offer three ways from chefs whose determination to produce the ultimate version led to greener pastures.

While you master or remaster biscuits, think about whether your vegetable options can stand on their own. Diners want more meatless choices and many chefs are turning to winter squash. Because squash is versatile, you can feature the gourd from fall through winter without getting a yawn out of customers. Even better? Food costs can be low.

Expect to hear more about Filipino food. Trend watchers have been predicting the rise of Filipino cooking for several years but only now is it reaching critical mass. The fall issue shares insight on the chefs moving the cuisine forward while providing a primer on main ingredients and retooled classic dishes.

If you’re a forward-thinking chef or restaurateur, you should be considering the value of Generation Z, the teenagers and college-age kids who have more diverse palates than any prior generation. Our spotlight on college foodservice provides insight on their dining preferences so you can be that much further ahead.

No one is immune to labor woes so if there’s a population of potential workers, wouldn’t it be wise to consider them? They’re ex-offenders, which may make the uninitiated wary. But a panel of operators say they’ve turned out to be some of their most stellar workers. Find out why.

On the opposite spectrum, if you need to slash labor costs, don’t start cutting until you take a big picture look at your business. Ask yourself five questions to reducing cost. Healthy operations require looking beyond the numbers.

Even though more than half the year is over, there’s still time to impact the 2017 bottom line. Think about whether it makes sense to accommodate late night diners. An established bar menu or an abbreviated dinner menu doesn’t need the entire line or all the servers to stay longer. But crunch the numbers before making any moves.

If you’re already ahead of the class, share your insights with us on social at @FoodFanatics.

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