Jun. 18, 2015

Stay Street Smart With Cool Signage

by Carly Fisher

Want to capture more foot traffic this summer? It’s all in the signs.

Restaurants have long relied on sidewalk signs to lure customers with dining discounts. But many restaurants are stepping up their game by throwing down some great puns and street art. The marketing benefits are twofold: capture diners strolling by and catch the attention of snap-happy social users who will spread the word on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

“Our outdoor chalkboard allows us to creatively interact with potential guests who are visiting other establishments, walking or driving by, and remind our guests what our specials are,” says Kit Lewis, general manager at El Taco in Atlanta. “The more colorful and creative, the more comments we get on the signage."

Need some examples? These restaurant signs are crushing it:


The Rosepepper Cantina; Nashville, Tennessee


Central Bottle Wine + Provisions; Cambridge, Massachusetts


Alma Cocina, Atlanta


Takito Kitchen, Chicago


David’s Tea, multiple locations


El Taco, Atlanta


Boqueria, New York


Got a cool sign worth showing off? Show us your best sidewalk signs on Facebook.

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